RBA-200 - Throw Device & Rescue Tube

RBA-200 - Throw Device & Rescue Tube


Compact – Lightweight – Multipurpose

This inflatable tube can be used by SAR professionals via tossing, attached to throwbags, drone delivery and boats or aircraft.

Packed the RBA-200 is only 2.5 lbs and 11 inches long. It can be manually or automatically inflated.

Inflated the Tube is over 6’ feet long and can support up to 3 adults.

Multi-handles for ease embracing

the device

Dual tow-points

This 60 gram inflation device (65 lbs buoyancy) automatic or manual inflatable tube. Easily Re-armed and packed (like an inflatable PFD)

Rugged Nylon shell and inflatable tub construction

Hi-Vis Yellow with SOLAS reflective tape

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