RBA-100 - Micro Inflatable Emergency Vest

RBA-100 - Micro Inflatable Emergency Vest


RBA-100 easily stows in small areas for sea, land and air operations. The environmentally-friendly, sealed pack protects the PFD in the most extreme environmental conditions. Vacuum sealed to have long shelf life.

The PFD is easily removed from its package and donned like an airline PFD. Orally inflate until the black hook & loop strap pops on the right lobe (this means it’s fully inflated).


- Reversible and can be folded and stowed in the belt pack after use.

- Weighs 1.32 lbs in its vacuum pack ‘Cube’ design pack is easy to throw and catch

- The vacuum pack floats on water

- Reflective Patches and Ink on bladder for nighttime visibility

- 19 lbs of buoyancy when inflated.


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 Micro Inflatable Rescue Vest CE 50N
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